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Who Are We?

We are a group of individual lenders that have been lending and earning 10%+ return on our hard earned money since 2017. Many of us have retired from corporate world thanks to this passive income stream.

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What is Legal Lending?

Legal Lending is where you lend money for 10%+ annual return to a personal injury lawyer who represents plaintiff in car accident cases. The lawyer will take on low risk car accident cases on a contingency basis, meaning the plaintiff doesn’t have to pay any lawyer fees until the insurance company issues compensation payout to the plaintiff at the conclusion of the insurance claim. During this process (which can last for a few months to a few years), the lawyer will have to pay for things like medical reports, court filing fees etc out of his own pocket, therefore the more cases he takes on, the more funding he needs. These expenses that the lawyer has to cover by himself are called Disbursements, and will be paid back by insurance companies when the case concludes. Therefore, the lawyer will need disbursement loans from lenders in order to keep growing and taking on more cases.


Why Does Legal Lending Exist?

Legal lending has existed for many decades, but everyday people don’t hear about it because in most cases the lending was done in house, meaning the law firm funds these disbursement loans for their lawyers. And in return, the law firm will take a big fat profit cut from the payout when the case concludes which reduces the profit that the lawyer receives in the end. Therefore, lawyers usually prefer individual lenders who will just take interest payment and do not share the case profit in the end. This way, the lawyer earns more on his cases and the lender earns an interest that he/she is happy with.

Why Legal Lending?

Legal Lending is uncorrelated to market volatility nor interest rate changes, so it’s a very good asset class to diversify anyone’s holdings. It’s contained within it’s own system (the legal system), and have insurance put in place for a variety of protections which are explained in more details below. It is short and liquid (6 month term) with 10%+ annual return which is a good stream of passive income for anyone interested.

Who are the lawyers?

The lawyers are top tier personal injury lawyers who has over 30 years of experience in this area, have won several landmark cases at the Supreme Court of Canada, and has changed Canadian law as we know it. In addition, their writing is part of the Canadian law school curriculum and they have processed settlements with insurance companies over 3000 cases. You can hear directly from the lawyers in the FAQ below

What are the case criteria?

  • The lawyers will only take on cases with the following attributes:
  • Motor vehicle accident claim where there is insurance to pay the claim.
  • Liability is not at issue.
  • The claimant has a provable injury.
  • The client is credible.
  • The claim is anticipated to resolve within 6 Months of funding.

What’s the return, and term?

10%+ annual return, with 6 month term, interest all prepaid upfront!

How It Works?

It is very easy – anyone interested can provide the name to be on the loan contract and the intended amount, and all the paperwork will be managed via docusign.  The contract is signed with the lawyer directly via Docusign and the amount will be sent to the lawyer’s account directly.

30 days before maturity, you will be notified to give your instructions regarding whether to renew or exit the current loan agreement upon maturity. If you decide to renew, paperwork will be prepared and the lawyer will send you the amount for the prepaid interest for the next term upfront(6 month). If you decide to exit, the lawyer will send back your initial principle.


Real Numbers


Number of disbursed loans from individual lenders to the lawyer in the past 5 years


Dollar amount of interest disbursed to individual lenders from the lawyer to date


Number of redemption requests processed by the lawyer


Success rate % on time for interest and principal payment