My Journey on Passive Income that 99% Population Don’t Hear About!(4)

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Continuing from last time, let’s talk about case discounts. As mentioned before, lawyers signing cases for car accident plaintiffs are usually straightforward because liability is clear, and insurance companies follow the normal process without much dispute. Compensation is predictable; it’s just a matter of time and amount. So, each case is a revenue center; they all make money. Of course, more cases mean more revenue, so when a lawyer can sign two at once, they give us a “family pack,” applying the maximum discount from my case to both. But as mentioned earlier, plaintiffs like us don’t have to pay a penny, so what’s this discount about? 

Well, the discount actually comes from the lawyer’s share of the profit. Lawyers representing car accident plaintiffs have to cover all expenses until the compensation comes in. Therefore, they only take cases they’re confident will win, and their fees come from the final compensation. Since my injuries are severe and the compensation range is higher than standard, the lawyer is willing to lower their percentage cut, offering a discount, which also benefits my mom. It sounds like a win-win situation: we don’t pay for the lawsuit, the lawyer covers all expenses upfront, doesn’t charge hourly fees, but takes a large cut from the compensation. Both parties are happy. But does reality match up once the lawsuit starts moving through the process? I’ll talk about the actual experience next time, from personal experience, lol

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