My Journey on Passive Income that 99% Population Don’t Hear About (1) – How Did I Start?

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This passive income method is so niche that many locals don’t know about it, unless your family is immersed in law or finance for generations. I stumbled upon this method by chance, and it allowed me to live the life I want on my terms wherever I am in the world. My favorite thing about this method is that it gives me time freedom, location and financial freedom, so I can travel all over the world on this passive income stream. It took me about ten years to really understand this method, so I’m writing a series of articles to explain my own experience with it – how it came about and how it works and what’s the real numbers so far. 

Now, back to the beginning of my journey. Many years ago, I had just started working.  I went to school and worked on the East Coast (actually, I worked as a consultant and flew around, mostly staying in hotels), while my family was on the West Coast. One day, I was on my vacation back home on the West Coast and took my parents out for fun. On the way back home, just two blocks away from home, a car that ran a red light hit us. My dad was driving, and both him and my mom suffered minor injuries, while I woke up in the ambulance and was taken directly to the hospital. My memories of that day are fragmented, but I do remember the doctor showing me some X-rays and mentioning something about concussions and this and that. My parents were completely bewildered, and it was their friend who helped us get back home. Later, my parents said that on the way home, that friend mentioned, “I heard you can file a lawsuit for this kind of thing. Why don’t you find a lawyer and ask about it?”

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