My Journey on Passive Income that 99% Population Don’t Hear About (15)

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Continuation from last post, I told the lawyer that I could start with a small amount so that he could start “buying back” a few cases from the law firm to test the waters. I proposed a 10% annual return, a short and quick 6-month term, with full interest prepayment upfront. In addition, I required his signature, a witness signature as well as the corporate seal on the contract. I also mentioned that I would regularly check his real estate holdings and his license status.

Surprisingly, he didn’t negotiate much and agreed to the terms.  He even asked if I wanted to review the law firm’s ATE insurance policy!

After that, it was a pretty simple and quick process – contract signing, bank transfers and interest collection whenever I renewed. Initially, I withdrew the funds at the end of each term just to test it, and after a while, I would lend them out again.

That was quite a few years ago. As time passed by, more people became interested so I made a series of knowledge-sharing sessions online to provide information. I also invited the lawyer to do a few seminars. However, I always emphasized the principles I mentioned-risk comes before the return. I also recommended starting with a small amount to try it out first to see if the experience was positive and was what someone new would expect. Only if the answer was yes, then someone could consider subsequent plans. 

From my own experience, each time I renewed, the interest was prepaid as scheduled, and each time I redeemed the principal, it came back on time. As a result, the amount I lent out far exceeded the initial small amount, but it still stayed within my comfort zone. Observing other lenders, most followed a similar trajectory – starting with a small amount to test, and gradually increasing their limit based on their comfort zone. If the capital market was good, they would redeem some funds from the lawyer to invest on the market; if the market wasn’t favorable, they would sell various positions and holdings to give the lawyer more funds for a steady double-digit return. After all, in the current environment, it’s challenging to find short-term opportunities with a 10%+ return like what the lawyer offers.

Here are a few bonuses:

  • Hear all the details directly from the lawyer himself: Full Legal Lending YouTube Playlist (2023):

  • If you want to see what he looks like and how he speaks, you can watch a brief interview he did with a local Vancouver TV station and media. It also includes some insights into personal injury cases,email us at to get the link.

  • To conclude with numbers, here are some real numbers as of my writing today: the lawyer has accepted 276 loans, paid 276 interest amounts totaling $2,186,256.08 (this is conservative), and fulfilled 46 redemption requests successfully. 

That’s the end! The numbers are all real. Legal lending is how I have sort of retired and have lived on passive income for almost a decade now with a certain level of financial freedom, location freedom and time freedom (which is my favorite aspect of this strategy). If you’re interested in learning more about making passive income, feel free to email us at for more information. Contracts are signed directly with the lawyers, and payments are made directly to the lawyers. Curious to see how much interest others have earned by lending? Subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage.

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