My Journey on Passive Income that 99% Population Don’t Hear About (3)

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Continuing from my last post, arranging meetings with lawyers turned out to be an unexpectedly easy process. At that time, I didn’t know much about this space, and my initial reaction was that I couldn’t afford a lawyer. However, when I searched for ads in Vancouver for car accident, all of them were screaming “No need to pay upfront!” In the ads lol It seemed like that’s the standard practice in this space. 

I also noticed that the same law firms and lawyers kept coming up in my searched through various media channels, and it seems this space was dominated by just a few players.

So, my parents contacted all of them – less than five in total lol We waited for their responses, and to our surprise, the decision making process was super easy for us. Two of them consulted with us over the phone and said, “Your case is relatively small, and there’s no debate about liability or compensation. It’s just a matter of time for you to get your settlement payout from the insurance company. We can take your case today!”  The other two said they would come to our place. Yes, they would come to us! It was convenient and didn’t cost us anything. It really surprised me.

One of those law firms sent an assistant who was diligently filling out forms, but when I expressed some hesitation because I hadn’t decided which firm to go with, the assistant politely gathered their materials and left.

The last firm, the lawyer personally came to our home! He not only asked questions and made notes but also went to inspect the damage on the car. He compared my injuries and symptoms and quickly deduced how my injuries came about during the impact. Then, he explained the process, timeline, and various possible outcomes of the case. He even provided a rough estimate of the compensation range. He outshone all the other lawyers, and I ended up signing with him on the spot. It wasn’t just me; my mother was in the car too, and she signed with him as well on a “family bundle deal” haha! According to him, my mother’s case was a regular small case that would likely conclude in a certain period with a specific compensation amount from the insurance company. In comparison, my case, with me passing out, would be a bigger case, with a higher and wider range of compensation and a longer timeline. So the case began. Now what? Till next time!

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