My Journey on Passive Income that 99% Population Don’t Hear About (8)

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Continuing from last post, my case was finally settled! During those years, I’ve also somewhat realized my entrepreneurial dream, going solo in my career. My main niche was helping people achieve 8-12% (annually) passive income primarily through two products. One involves lending, with an annual return typically ranging from 8-12%, and it provides a steady cash flow. The other is real estate private equity, where I usually convert single-family homes into duplexes or triplexes and eventually manage multifamily properties, ranging from 6-20 units. As I developed my business, my lawyer, of course, knew about it. After quite a while post my case conclusion, he reached out to me. He mentioned that his case load has been increasing significantly. Currently, his law firm was acting as his sole lender in exchange for a large profit cut from his cases at the case conclusion, and he was also in talks with banks for lending as well. So he thought of me and wanted to explore lending opportunities with me as well.

Lending? That’s my expertise! I was immediately intrigued. I seized the opportunity to delve into all the details with him. It’s fascinating—double-digit annual returns, pure cash flow, all interest prepaid, and 6 month terms!  Stay tuned for future posts on all the details! 

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